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  • Poetic Death – Phlegmaitc / Apostasy (Video)

    Poetic brings visuals to the first two singles off his upcoming project „LUCIFER“.


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  • ORGANIZED THREAT – For The Moment (Video)

    Organized Threat – The Movement goes international with the release of „For The Moment“ with introductions for European artist Yarah Bravo and Soulcat E5. With the bridging of the gaps in full effect, Poetic Death and Gavlyn also share the mic in this ground breaking collaberation with cuts by DJ Mike Steez, harmonics by M.Fleur, and production by the talented Figub Brazlevič. Enjoy the tune!

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  • ORGANIZED THREAT – The Legacy (Video)

    8 Minuten, 8 MCs!

    Papa J bringt das Camp zusammen, und mit The Legacy den ersten offiziellen Organized Threat Track und Video als Kollektiv.

    Das Ding wird Teil von Papa J.’s bald kommenden Projekt „R3COLL3CTION“ sein. Produziert hat das gute Stück der Deutsche, vom VBT bekannte, Mio Mao.

    Macht ein wenig Wu-Tang Feeling finde ich und ist mal überdope!


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  • Poetic Death – Atonement (Video)

    Poetic begins the New Year with a visual presentation for the outro to his latest album „VON POE VII“ (Free Download) addressing some of the speculation and slander directed at him and the Organized Threat movement. Atonement is not so much a „challenge“ as it is a wake up call to all those preaching a lifestyle they themselves are not living, as well as stating the effects of telling half truths while keeping silent when statements are made by third party individuals. Keep your eyes open, and don’t sleep on the movement!

    Directed by: Chad A. Marshall
    Produced by RUMAN

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