Madchild – Blood Beast (Music Video)

The latest music video from Madchild – ‚Blood Beast‘ from the great brand new album ‚Lawnmower Man‚.

Just sick!


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Figub Brazlevič – Oldschool Future (Free Download Album)

Figub Brazlevič – Oldschool Future (Free Download Album)

Figub Brazlevics ‚Oldschool Future‚ comes along with, believe it or not, 42 Tracks! „With this album, you are sent on an exciting trip through Figub’s musical repertoire of the last 3 years while making music in Berlin. Always keeping the idea and the spirit of Oldschool HipHop reflected in his music, he offers a wide range of both elegant, atmospheric and really strong, intense beats. The whole masterpiece that consciously lacks a mastering, was created during the last 3 weeks, […]