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  • Supastition – Yada Yada (Video & Lyrics) [Produced by Marco Polo]

    Production by Marco Polo
    Featured on Supastition „The Blackboard EP“ (January 15, 2013)



    It’s the return of your recurring nightmare
    southern messiah who only rock the flyest Nike Airs
    industry black sheep trying to fight being typecast
    screaming NC ‚til they put me in that white casket
    it’s the day of reckoning, I’m the wrecking ball when the record spins
    since the ?uest recommend, I’ve counted consecutive wins
    been in so many cities you would think I teleport
    keep fans eyes bulging out like Tracee Ellis Ross
    read between the lines, I define unsung
    continue to son dumb n*ggas ‚til the funds come
    and anybody trying to stop the agenda
    will see I got a hotter temper than a mafia member
    I rapped alongside Crooked I, Phonte, Elzhi
    they look at I, reply „he’s no Kanye sales-wise“
    keep it one hundred when others respond and tell lies
    I’m humble, keep my head screwed on and held high
    I never let the fame command me, I’ve seen it turn
    righteous n*ggas into Amos and Andy, jigaboos
    hip hop’s my humble abode, I treat it like royalty
    but these youngs boys, they be pissing all on the toilet seats
    disrespecting legends, someone call the board of ethics
    these dudes ¼ skill and three quarters reckless
    yelling ‚bout the legendary, legend what!
    you don’t even measure up to the Kanes and the Lord Finesses

    Now everybody screaming they the king, yada yada
    they making outlandish claims and nobody’s bothered
    tell them fools stay in their lane, they out of order
    don’t make me grab one of these young lames by the collar

    Before you ever spend money on anybody’s product
    find out if they’re about integrity or ‚bout a dollar
    somebody gotta tell it like it is so Mr. Moye
    came back to kill the villains and fill in the missing void
    sorry to disappoint those who didn’t miss the voice
    continue ignoring me like normally there is a choice
    let the rest rejoice…. (crowd cheers)
    never test your boy, I keep liquid swords in my reservoir
    metaphors, similes, double entendres
    the bars stay consistent as the Baltimore crime rate
    slaughtering beats when I record report ‚em deceased
    f*ck a critic, skins thicker than a Nautica fleece
    got your girl on all fours, how about some hardcore
    like a horny Nautica Thorn in a porno release
    got her performing for me while you wasting time in the studio
    pretending to be some kind of king in a Coogi robe
    I undress beautiful ladies without the loot to show
    quicker than a 60’s hippie can have a doobie rolled
    ask me to do a show, you better have the show deposit
    or point promoters to the exit with the door revolving
    now you can say it’s good promotion for me, yada yada
    and this gone put me in the ranks with the hottest artists
    but before I am a rapper, I’m somebody’s father
    and you always get what you paid for…. nada nada…
    yada yada…. the yada yada…
    It’s still Supastition, n*gga!

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