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  • Mayhem – Early May 3: Mo‘ Retro (Free Download Mixtape & Video ‚I Aint Lyin‘)

    After releasing 2 singles and building anticipation for the past couple months, Mayhem (Of EMS) finally brings you the 3rd installment of his “Early May”* mixtape series.

    Early May 3: Mo’ Retro features original productions along with remakes of Hip-Hop classics that we all know & love. With guest appearances by Craig G. (Juice Crew), Dominique Larue, M-Dot, Revalation, Boycott Blues, Tribeca and production from Skammadix, Jerz, Shade Cobain, Gajos, J-Listed and more, this tape is sure to bring you back to that golden era and also prep you for Mayhem’s eventual album “A Beautiful Mind”“

    Released 26 August 2011

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  • M-Dot & Mayhem -Taggant (Video)

    Produziert von Confidence & M-Credible. Cuts von DJ Family Tyz & DJ ToneDeff Cutz.

    Zweite Single aus „Layer Cake“ (Release 29. Mai 2012).

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  • M-Dot & Re-Surch – „First Words“ (MUSIC VIDEO)

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  • Big Shug (Gangstarr Foundation) Ft. Av’rex, Singapore Kane, Krumb Snatcha & M-Dot- Think Twice (Video)

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Soul Square – My Home (Feat. RacecaR) (Video)

Soul Square – My Home (Feat. RacecaR) (Video)

Die großartige französische Crew Soul Square sind wieder am Start. Zusammen mit MC Racecar (Modill) kommt hiermit der neue Track ‚My Home‘, von der am 08.02.2013 erscheinenden Vinyl LP Millesime serie – Volume 1.