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Kamera & Schnitt: Dalai Limba //! — also known as pluKK-iNN — is a professional Beatboxer since 2004. Inspired by Rhazel, Killa Kela, Bee Low and Eklips he developed a passion for HipHop music and began to create an own beatbox style. The biggest event, he participated in, was the HipHop festival „Splash! 2008“ in Leipzig / Germany. Over the years he got to know more and more other beatboxers from all over Germany and although from foreign countries. pluKK-iNN was a member of the German Beatbox-School (today: for many years and found also a place in the management of the page.

In summer 2008 he began to produce beats. He worked hard and got his inspiration from many different music styles. For example he is influenced by Soul, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Rock and Roll, Grime, Drum ’n‘ Base and even Metal. After a short period of experiments with producing he considered that it is time to become a professional beatmaker.

He is always looking for MCs or singers, who would like to make a track with his beats. If YOU are interested in beats with an extraordinary style, just ask! (Source: YouTube)




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