Enjoy discounts that are exclusive through Schwab Bank.Industry Leaders

Enjoy discounts that are exclusive through Schwab Bank.Industry Leaders

Make use of discounts and competitive prices through Schwab Bank’s Investor Advantage Pricing. 1

$250k – $999k

$1M – $4.9M

With your latest exclusive offer, the more qualifying assets you’ve got with Schwab, the greater you might save well on home purchase or refinance loans.

Schwab Bank now offers consumers a premier house lending experience with award-winning solution from our mortgage loans provider Quicken Loans – America’s Largest Mortgage Lender. 4

Through the loan procedure, you will work hand and hand with both Schwab Bank and a Quicken Loans group entirely aimed at serving Schwab consumers.

Today’s highlighted home loan prices

Rates as of: 1:11 PM EDT 08/31/2020 See All Prices for More Loan choices and Details >

Mortgage First Preapproval

With Mortgage First 3 , made available from Schwab Bank’s mortgage loan provider Quicken Loans, you might be a far more buyer that is competitive preapproval on the loan. You are going to enjoy the benefits—before you even commence to search for the new house.

Industry Leaders

Go through the great things about using Schwab Bank and Quicken Loans, America’s mortgage lender that is largest. 4

Why did Schwab Bank group with Quicken Loans? For award-winning service and technology that is industry-leading.

Mortgage Speed Calculator

Commence to policy for the mortgage rate calculator to your mortgage. Predicated on your certain situation, you will discover the rate you might be eligible for a. Your calculations will likely be tailored to your objectives and information you offer.


Loan Kinds

Prices below don’t add Investor Advantage Pricing discounts in your house purchase or loans that are refinancing.

Rates as of 1:11 PM EDT 08/31/2020

Jumbo Loans

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Prices below don’t consist of Investor Advantage Pricing discounts and generally are according to a $850,000 loan and 60% LTV.

Jumbo Loans

Interest-only payment choice


IAP-eligible loan Loan type speed (%) APR (%) Points (per cent) price and re re payment details
5/1 ARM 3.0 2.859 0.0 Details
7/1 ARM 3.0 2.888 0.0 Details
10/1 supply 3.25 3.077 0.0 Details
5/1 ARM Interest-only payment option 3.25 2.921 0.0 Details
7/1 ARM Interest-only payment choice 3.25 2.977 0.0 Details
3.25 3.121 1.0 Details
10/1 supply Interest-only payment choice 3.5 3.2 0.0 Details
15-Yr. Fixed 3.0 3.044 0.0 Details
30-Yr. Fixed 3.75 3.778 0.0 Details

Conforming Loans

Prices below don’t add Investor Advantage Pricing discounts consequently they are according to a $250,000 loan and 60% LTV.

Conforming Loans loan that is IAP-eligible type


speed (%) APR (%) Points (percent) price and payment details
5/1 ARM 3.0 2.893 0.0 Details
7/1 ARM 3.125 2.98 0.0 Details
10/1 supply 3.25 3.112 0.0 Details
5/1 ARM payment that is interest-only 3.25 2.95 0.0 Details
7/1 ARM payment that is interest-only 3.375 3.059 0.0 Details
10/1 ARM payment that is interest-only 3.5 3.229 0.0 Details payment that is interest-only Details
10-Yr. Fixed

Details 15-Yr. Fixed

Details 20-Yr. Fixed

Details 25-Yr. Fixed

Details 30-Yr. Fixed

Get answers to questions that are common homebuyers as you.

Schwab Bank’s Investor Advantage (IAP) Pricing provides exclusive home loan price discounts for Schwab consumers on qualified mortgages. As a Schwab investor, you’ve got unique economic goals. With Investor Advantage Pricing, you can save well on your month-to-month mortgage repayments, which provides you more freedom to take a position. This interest discount may not be combined with any kind of provides or price discounts.

Choose purchase and refinance loans qualify for mortgage loan discount of 0.250% – 0.750per cent according to qualifying assets of $250,000 or greater.

Discount for ARMs pertains to initial period that is fixed-rate. This offer is certainly not legitimate on Residence Equity personal lines of credit.

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