Andy Cohen does not keep back dishing on his sex-fueled, celebrity-filled, ‚Superficial‘ life in 3rd autobiography

Andy Cohen does not keep back dishing on his sex-fueled, celebrity-filled, ‚Superficial‘ life in 3rd autobiography

Andy Cohen, the wicked genius behind Bravo’s „Real Housewives“ franchise, promised their 3rd autobiographical book is „bigger, better and dishier. „

Cohen informs all in „Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries, “ an ongoing work which he freely acknowledged was likely to annoy lots of regarding the people he is met across the road to success.

The guide lands to get Nov. 15.

The 48-year-old gay man-about-town is especially frank about their busy sex life when you look at the book that covers the stretch from Sept. 7, 2014, to might 30, 2016.

„Woke up by having a cheerleader from Georgia Tech, “ reads an entry that is typical.

Nevertheless the primary occasion is Cohen’s highly expected threesome by having a tan, muscled mechanic in addition to guy’s gorgeous, blond gf.

If the Jake that is pseudonymous and delivered Cohen a photo „that left almost no to your imagination“ he had been fascinated.

Cohen, whom writes which he „doesnot want to perish with out loved a female, “ then crowd-sourced the concept with buddies.

Their pal that is good Kelly had been sweetly supportive as constantly: „Jake’s extremely handsome and Angela is gorgeous and I also have always been pleased for you personally. „

Her spouse Mark Consuelos sent a text that is one-word „Dude. „

And Sarah Jessica Parker, practical as constantly, offered these tips: „Remember every thing. „

Unfortunately, it absolutely was to not ever be. While Cohen got stoned using the couple and „did things with a woman for the very first time in three decades, “ the highly-anticipated evening regarding the special day ended up being a dud.

He broke the news that is bad Ripa xxxstreams, whom continues to be „simply fascinated with my thrupple“ — but confesses he could be still strained by their male/female „virginity. „

Cohen details another interesting and distressed menage a trois: Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin and himself.

Cooper, the silver-haired fox and CNN anchor, is famously Cohen’s friend that is best. They FaceTime one another within the wee hours, each tucked during intercourse in the home.

A year ago, the set took their relationship on your way, touring with „AC2: a romantic Evening with Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen — Deep Talk and Shallow Tales. „

But Griffin, the outrageously vulgar comedian, also proudly lays claim to Cooper’s affections. The 2 co-host CNN’s yearly brand brand New 12 months’s Eve show from circumstances Square, with Griffin gleefully planning to lengths to surprise the particularly reserved Cooper.

Cohen snipes at Griffin times that are several the guide. Exiting Joan streams‘ memorial in 2014 hand and hand along with her, Cohen opted for not to ever break the silence that is awkward.

„She’d been s–t talking me personally previously this “ he writes week.

At another point, Griffin texted him with a call that is urgent discussion — and Cohen blew her down. As he finally got in to her, he was annoyed to know she desired to discuss whether or perhaps not to just take streams‘ spot on „Fashion Police. „

Griffin took the work but later quit the show, issuing a high-minded declaration claiming she did not like to play a role in „a tradition of unattainable perfectionism. „

Cohen greeted her remarks with derision.

„she actually is the cooking cooking cooking pot calling the kettle black colored. She’s got been body-shaming for years, “ Cohen sniped to Cooper, their visitor regarding the celebrityfest that is five-night-a-weekWatch What Happens Live. „

Other journal entries provide fabulous snippets from Cohen’s fabulous life, including their dither over going to Madonna’s 57th birthday celebration at her „massive“ horse farm in Bridgehampton.

Friends convinced him it absolutely was worth the trouble to go out of their fabulous Fire Island rental in belated August for the Spanish Gypsy-themed party. Madonna, needless to say, had been seated on a throne. Cohen guesses the ongoing celebration set her back $1.5 million.

Cohen ended up being mollified whenever their supper lovers included Paul McCartney along with his spouse, Nancy. He previously a nice talk to Madonna about her children — and received a hug from her son Rocco.

Later on when you look at the guide, he consoles the Material Girl after a failed effort to get together again with Rocco after a custody that is ugly together with dad, Guy Ritchie.

The sweetest celebration scene could be the 50th birthday celebration tossed by Matthew Broderick for spouse Parker during the famed Bemelmans Bar into the Carlyle in March 2015. Buddies performed songs from „Annie, “ the Broadway Parker that is musical starred at age 12.

Cohen stumbled through „You’re never ever Fully Dressed Without a grin“ before more seasoned performers took over. Broderick performed „Little Girls, “ nonetheless it ended up being Parker’s then-12-year-old son, James Wilkie Broderick, who won the night time.

„James Wilkie broke our hearts making us sob performing ‚Maybe‘ directly to their mama, “ Cohen writes.

While Cohen’s relationship with Parker is close adequate to include drop-in privileges, impromptu dishes and family members nights, he is additionally her escort when it comes to star-studded occasions such as the Met Gala.

In 2015, Parker’s Chinese-inspired headpiece had been therefore massive she had to ride when you look at the vehicle along with her head tilted awkwardly into the side.

On arrival, Cohen had their choose of mega-celebrities to fan-crush on.

Cher made enjoyable of their goofy grin. He really knelt at Madonna’s part, consoling her on the nasty speak about her age. Parker asked Justin Bieber exactly exactly how he had been enjoying their very first Met Ball, in which he asked her if it „gets crazy. „

Cohen interrupted: „Well, the club is high for you on that. „

In the 2016 Met Ball, Cohen place their base on it over and over again. „Told Kanye (western) I very nearly wore just what he did, “ he confesses. „Stupid. „

Later on during the club, Taylor Swift worried aloud whether there is an area on her to look at Lady Gaga perform. Cohen had an indication.

„Your buddy Katy is sitting when you look at the part and there’s a good amount of space around her, “ Cohen described. „She asked, ‚Katy who? ‚ and I also stated, ‚Perry, ‚ at which point she inform me that she actually is the opposite that is exact of buddy. „

Far too late, Cohen remembered the infamous feud between the 2 pop music celebrities. He tried to make light by saying at least Swift knew where you can avoid.

Swift did not laugh and did not concur, making Cohen „totally mortified. “ Swift stalked down with one command: Cohen wasn’t to say the incident on their show. She’d be viewing.

Cohen had been delighted to know she had been an audience she might have dropped an F-bomb before „your show. Until he remembered“

Also Cohen’s kick-back-and-relax outings that are social with all the famous.

Jimmy Fallon and their spouse Nancy Juvonen, Drew Barrymore’s business partner, are good friends. This season at their Oscar-viewing celebration, he noticed a stench that is horrible ahead of the show began.

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